Chevrolet PEV3

GM Design presented previously unpublished projects, including the Urban Active project, the Smart ForTwo-style city car concept called the PEV3.

Work on the Urban Active Project began about three years ago. It is aimed at people living in cities such as New York, London and Shanghai. According to GM’s research, many drivers in these cities drive less than 40 miles a day, drive alone and drive less than 64 km/h. This led the company to develop two new electric vehicle concepts called PEV2 and PEV3.

Both are 2.5 metres long and can seat two or three people. In the PEV3, the passenger seat is in the back, slightly offset from the driver’s seat. The model have a minimalist interior, with the PEV3 looking significantly wider than the PEV2. Both models have small enough footprints “to park nose-in to the curb, saving valuable urban parking space.”

Little is known about the technical characteristics of the concept, except that it was created by studios in Michigan and California and was to be released under the Chevrolet brand.

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