Citroen My Ami Pop

The ‘sporty’ Citroen Ami Pop has received a new nose and graphics

Citroen has revealed the “sporty” version of the My Ami quadricycle. In the two years since its debut, Citroen’s compact urban quadricycle My Ami has found more than 43,000 owners, of which about 80% opt for personalization programs for their electric vehicle.

Toward the end of 2023, the French automaker announced a new “sporty” version called ‘Pop’, which received an updated decor, but from a technical point of view no different from other modifications. However, for the majority of My Ami buyers, such improvements are enough.

The Pop version includes alloy wheel covers, black graphic stripe under the windshield, black sections of the front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler, as well as a set of graphics for the doors and side panels. The main difference is the black headlight bezels, which were not previously available for the quadricycle.

The main shade of stickers is bright red color, which is complemented by the number “2” in a combination of white and acid-yellow colors. Also appeared stylized circle and triangle – figures inspired by the digital world of gamers. Orange and yellow accents have also been added to the interior.

From the technical changes, it is declared only transfer of the switch of movement election from the threshold to the center console to improve ergonomics. A similar refinement will appear on all Citroen My Ami 2024 model year. Otherwise, the quadricycle is unchanged, retaining the standard 8-horsepower electric motor.

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