ABS Freestyle kit-car

ABS Freestyle

The ABS Freestyle Kit Car, now manufactured by Muddy Buggies, is a customizable kit car that can be made SVA compliant to pass the S.V.A. test and become road legal. The car is built from the front ends of two Minis bolted to a steel chassis with an integrated roll cage. The engine and transmission from one of the Minis is installed at the rear to make it rear wheel drive.

After assembly, the finished Freestyle kit car weighs only 460 kilos, while SVA built cars weigh over 520 kilos. Equipped with a 1275cc Mini engine, the power-to-weight ratio of the car exceeds that of most hot hatches on the road.

The development of the Freestyle kit car was centered around three primary objectives: creating an affordable DIY kit that any enthusiast can assemble, designing a vehicle that can handle even the toughest terrain, while still being practical for everyday use.

The kit car is considered one of the easiest vehicles to assemble, making it an ideal choice for those with limited mechanical skills. In fact, many parents involve their older children in building the kit car so they can share in the experience of assembling and driving the car off-road.

The Freestyle kit car is a unique and unconventional vehicle that elicits mixed opinions from people. While some find it fascinating, others don’t share the same sentiment. However, there’s no denying that the Freestyle is an eye-catcher on the road.

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