AC Invacar Model 57

AC Acedes (Model 57)

In 1957 AC introduced its Model 57 (or Acedes) 3-wheeler for invalids. These microcars were sold by the Ministry of Health as a government help after the Wold War II.

The Model 57 was fitted with an all aluminium body and the 147 cc Villiers 30C two-stoke single cylinder of motorcycle heritage. The car has only one place and a place for a wheelchair to be stowed beside the driver. Most of Model 57 Invacars had a hard top, but there were cars with a soft folding top. All versions got steel pressed wheels where by the single front wheel was powered. Later it was replaced by the Invacar Model 70 with a fiberglass body.

AC Invacar Model 57 photos


  • alex says:

    can i ask re the photos. the main photo shows a different reg plate to the one below it yet is the same car? i only ask ask this car was dontaed to us ‘a disability charity’ from the museam the still beres the same no not enter sign. I wonder if the reg got lost in translation as we are trying to register it. any info welcome

  • alex says:

    appolgies it is infact a different car. the main photo car now belongs to 1nclu5ive Sandbach chraity and is displayed at local shows

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