AC Invacar Model 70

AC Invacar Model 70

In the late 60s, AC presented an updated version of its 3-wheeler for disabled people called Invacar 70. The new version had hydraulic braking and an electric starter all encased by a fibreglass body in Ice Blue. The vehicles were leased to disabled drivers as part of their disability benefit.

After the producing of Villers engines was ceased, a new much more powerful  4-stroke 500cc & 600cc Steyr-Puch engine was fitted. It allows to reach 82 mph (131 kph). 56 control variations were available and it was equipped with automatic transmission, which made it possible for anyone with practically any disability to become independent. It had 3 main variants of controls:

  1. Conventional steering wheel and foot control. Manual throttle and brake are available with or without foot assistance.
  2. Bicycle handle bar steering with brake operated by handle bar depression. Hand throttle. Foot controls can be fitted.
  3. Tiller control for left or right hand. Brake operated by handle bar depression or tiller. Hand throttle.

Most auxilliary controls can be adjusted for left or right hand position. A wide sliding door on each side of the car, coupling with a sliding seat provides a really easy access from either side and enables the driver to load and stow his folding wheelchair by his side.

These very popular 3-wheelers remained in production until the end of the final DHSS contact in 1977.  The tens of thousands of these cars were made. On the 31st March 2003 all Invacars became illegal to own and illegal to drive on the British Highways. Government service centres were busy crushing around 50 Invacars per month until they no longer existed. A few privately owned examples seemed to saved in museums. The vehicle was replaced by the 4-wheeled, government approved 340cc Canta.

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