Aixam City 2016-p.t.

In 2016, AIXAM City received a major update. The new taillights were the first step in this refreshment. The horizon taillights ensure an elegant transition between the wings and the tailgate of the vehicle. The tapered line gives a greater presence in order to see and be seen during all manoeuvres.

The dashboard is a perfect blend of ergonomics and equipment quality. The new black leather steering wheel with chrome inserts adds a modern designer touch. Perfectly ergonomic, its flat panel base allows you to get in and out of the car easily.

The volume of the mirror is enlarged for optimized visibility. An indicator is incorporated into the shell for better indication when changing direction. The new matt steel color reflects a contemporary look and boosts the car’s shine and chrome details.

Kubota present a new engine that meets the EURO 4 standard. This 2-cylinder inline diesel has a volume of 479 cc, power of 6 kW (8.15 CV) at 3200 rpm and torque of 21 Nm at 2500 rpm. On Premium, GTO and GTI, the engine is encapsulated in a sleek injected cover that offers greater acoustic comfort. Top speed — 45 kph. Fuel consumption — 3.1 liters/100 km. Range — 500 km.

AIXAM City 2016-p.t.

AIXAM City 2016-p.t.

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