Aixam Crossline 2010-2016

In 2010, AIXAM presented the second generation of Crossline model. The official brochure says: “Its rounded curves give it an exclusive look of adventurer. The Crossline pushes the limits of the license-free microcars with a unique body in its segment.”

The new front end design gives the AIXAM Crossline its dynamic and original style. There are LED daytime running light on both sides of the front grille. The Crossline is available in Pack, Luxury and Premium option levels.

The Crossline is equipped with a 400 cc Kubota diesel with an output of 4 kW (5.4 hp) at 3200 rpm. Top speed — 45 kph. Fuel consumption — 2.96 liters per 100 km. You can drive this version without a driving license. AIXAM Crossline GT is featured with 599 cc diesel engine rated at 11.2 kW (15.2 hp) at 3600 rpm. Top speed — 85 kph. Fuel consumption — 3.94 liters per 100 km. The third version is AIXAM Crossling GTR with 505 cc gasoline engine with power of 15 kW (20.4 hp) at 5100 rpm. Top speed — 98 kph. Fuel consumption — 6 liters per 100 km.

The GT and GTR versions are featured bigger 155/65 R14 wheels, while the base Crossline has 145/70 R13. AIXAM Crossline has a length of 2990 mm (+270 mm longer than the City), width of 1500 mm and wheelbase of 2000 mm (+205 mm). The model has a trunk volume of 1100 liters, much bigger than the City.

AIXAM Crossline 2010-2013 photos

AIXAM Crossline videos

AIXAM Crossline 2013-2016

The Crossline got a new exterior design in 2013, alongside with the updating of the whole AIXAM range. The microcar got the new front end, new trim levels and new materials in the interior. 2013-2016 AIXAM Crossline was available as the Crossline EVO and Crossline Premium.

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