Aixam Pro D-Truck 400

The AIXAM Pro D-Truck 400 is a professional vehicle that you can drive without a driving license. It is available as a van, truck, pick-up of chassis. The spacious cabin accommodates two people. The various options provide great comfort. You can order such options like a Webasto heater, electric windows and central lock.

The D-Truck Van has a volume of 3 cubic meters and with its compact dimensions is ideal to use in busy city traffic or on narrow streets. With a loading height of only 38 cm loading and unloading will be child’s play. The Van body is made of fiberglass polyester with coating in the color white.

The Truck version has an open flatbed cargo platform and a lockable storage space of 615 liters beneath. The aluminum sides of the platform can be folded or removed to transport large goods.

If you take out the cargo platform you’ll get the Pick-Up version. It is a great choice for professional works like cleaning companies, construction teams, etc. The last is the Chassis version that can be fitted with any aftermarket body. Payload of the chassis is 275 kg.

The engine is 400 cc diesel with an output of 4 kW (5.4 hp). Emissions level is 77,9 g / km. The only choice of a transmission is available — automatic.

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