Allard Clipper

Allard Clipper

Allard were another manufacturer renowned for their powerful sports cars, however, they also had a little known diversion into the economy car market. In 1954 Allard launched an unusual 3 wheeled car called the Clipper.

The body was made of fibre glass and was a rather strange shape. A single door was fitted to the left hand side of the car giving access to a wide bench type seat which could just accomodate three people, the driver having to slide along it to reach the right hand side. The lid at the rear of the car was not an opening for the luggage compartment, or an engine cover. It was in fact a ‘dicky seat’ of the type fitted to some vintage vehicles. Opening this cover provided additional seating for two children, with no protection from the elements!

The car had a single front wheel. The engine was a single cylinder two stroke Villiers industrial unit of 350cc, mounted at the rear, on the left hand side of the car, driving only a single rear wheel through a three speed gearbox. This must have given the car some unusual handling characteristics! Only a few Allard Clippers were made.

Allard Clipper photos

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