ASF 2.0

ASF 2.0

Autobacs Seven, a Japanese auto parts sales and manufacturing company, announced that it is investing in ASF, a startup firm engaged in the development and small-scale production of light commercial electric vehicles.

The funds will be used to develop the production of ASF 2.0 subcompact commercial electric vehicles. In addition, Autobacs Seven will provide its service and distribution network in Japan for sales and service of ASF 2.0 electric vans, which belong to the kei-car class.

The ASF 2.0 was first shown to the general public in October 2023.

The overall length and width of the car are 3395 mm and 1475 mm respectively. The interior length, width, height of the cargo platform are 1690, 1343 and 1230 mm respectively. The vehicle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh, the range on one full charge – 209 km. Payload ASF 2.0 – 350 kg, loading height – 660 mm.

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