Bambino Sport

Bambino Sport

Bambino Sport was a concept car based on the Bambino 200 microcar. The small roadster was designed by Franco Scaglione in 1957, and it features a more aerodynamic design than the original Bambino 200.

The car has a fiberglass body, weighs only 375 kg and is powered by a 191cc two-stroke ILO engine. The Bambino Sport has a claimed top speed of 90 kph, which is impressive for a microcar.

The presentation of the car at the Amsterdam RAI Motor Show of 1957 was spectacular but the Bambino was poorly built and came too late. Despite the unique and striking design, the Bambino Sport never went into production, and only one prototype was built, which is now on display at the Mullin Automotive Museum in California.

Bambino Sport 3-wheeled

There was also a 3-wheeled prototype, presented in 1957. It had different body style, new dashboard and remodelled rear end with a single wheel.

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