Berkeley B95 / B105

Berkeley B95 / B105

Berkeley B95 and B105 models were presented at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show. The main features is a new twin-cylinder Royal Enfield 692 cc four stroke engine. B95 had 41 hp Super Meteor engine, while B105 – 51 hp Constellation engine. The latter giving genuine 100mph performance at a time when the average family car struggled to exceed 60mph. The new engine was much taller than the two stroke units which necessitated a redesign of the front of the car.

The engines featured Berkeley-design primary chain cases to accommodate a Lucas Bendix starter motor, an external Lucas dynamo mounted above the gearbox, and a duplex (or double-row) chain drive to the differential. Kerb weight increased to 402 kg (886 lb). Berkeley B95 and B105 had 70-inch wheelbase. Drum brakes could be found in the front and the rear. B95 had top speed – 83 mph, made 0-60 mph – 17.2 sec. B105 was a little bit faster.

At its launch, the B95 cost £659. About 178 B95 and B105 models were made in total, of which approximately 15 to 20 cars were sold to export markets. Production was ceased by 1960, cause funds were not available to make bank payments for the loan that had been funding this project.

Berkeley B95 / B105 photos

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