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Bond Bug 700 / 750

Production of Bond Bug 3-wheeler started in February 1970. The first 17 vehicles were all to 700E specification. The year before, in February 1969, the company was taken over by the Reliant Motor Co Ltd. The new owner continued to use Bond brand name till the end of production of the Bond Bug in 1974.

Bond Bug features a distinctive, wedge-shaped two-seater fibre glass body. A lift up canopy opens access to passenger compartment. A box section chassis was used as the base. The 700 cc Reliant engine, forward mounted, drove the rear wheels through a 4 speed/reverse gearbox. At launch 29 bhp (22 kW; 29 PS) was claimed for the less expensive 700 and 700E models. Length 9′ 2″, width 4′ 7″ and height 4′ 2″. Colours available: Tangerine with Black interior trim.

The Bond Bug 700 was chosen as a base model. It was intended that it should be sold without any sort of refinements or luxuries. But only one example is known to have been built. Launch price including purchase tax was £548 0s 4d (£548.02p). Bond Bug 700E became much more popular. It was fitted with sidescreens, a heater, a telescopic canopy damper, canopy lock, polished hub caps, chrome glazing rubber trim, drivers sun visor and even an interior light. Price £579 7s 0d (£579.35p).

Bond Bug 700ES was another version, similar to 700E but equipped with a higher compression engine (it was increased from 7.35:1 to 8.4:1). This gives two additional horsepowers (23 kW, 31 hp). It also got Decathlon low profile tyres, spare wheel, rubber front bumper, wing mirrors, mud flaps and several other “extra’s” such as headrests, side and centre seat supports, twin horns, “Formula 1” steering wheel, etc. Price £628 19s 2d (£628.96p).

October 1973, the Bug 750E and 750ES were introduced. Similar to the 700E and 700ES but with the larger capacity 750 cc engine. Price was £648.87p and £694.14p respectively.

The Bug offered very good performance and attracted a lot of attention, but it, being based on the Reliant chassis layout, never acheived the level of stability offered by the genuine Bond products. Although it was quick, it still was no much for the performance of the 875.

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