Bond Minicar Mark G

The Mark G was the last generation of Bond Minicars. It used style and a large extent on the bodyshell of the Mark F. But there were some major differences. For example, a revised shape fibreglass roof, new doors, new windshield with opening quarter lights and bigger 10″ wheels. Despite the fact, that Mark G and Mark F looks similar, almost everything mechanically about the Mark G was different with very few components carried over.

Villers specially designed a new engine Villiers Mk 35A with a capacity of 250 cc. They improve strength and reliability, as well as increased otput to 11.5 bhp (9 kW; 12 PS) at 4,500 rpm. It works with 4-speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart. Rear suspension was completely revised and got new parts. Safety level was increased with a new Lockheed semi hydraulic and rod braking system (front brake fully hydraulic, but rear brakes still rod operated from a central floor-mounted hydraulic cylinder) acting on all three wheels.

The new windshield increased interior volume. Thanks to this, two adults can sit on a bench-type rear seat in Mark G. Controls were similar to Mark F. Early vehicles used aluminium rear wings with glass fibre fin inserts.

Although public reaction at the 1962 Motorcycle show remained encouraging, the changes to purchase tax meant there was now a much less significant price difference between the Minicar and other small cars and in November production was scaled back with consequential job losses. The same month Villers developed a new engine 4T (250 cc, 14.6 bhp (11 kW; 15 PS) at 5,500 rpm) for Bond Minicars, which increased top speed to 60 mph (97 kph).


Bond 250G Saloon

The production of Mk G minicars began in August 1961. Initially, Bond 250 G Minicar was the only version available. It features a backward-slanted rear window of the type popularised in the UK by the Ford Anglia. Together with new roof desing, this offered more space inside. Length 11′ 0″, width 5′ 2″, height 4′ 7″ and weight 826 lb. Price was £395 8s 4d (£395.42p) or £405 5s 9d (£405.28p) with reverse.

Bond 250G Ranger

The Mark G Ranger was introduced in May 1962. It was a commercial van version of a Saloon model (which will be presented a month later) with an opening tailgate for easier access to a cargo compartment. Like Mark F Ranger, this one has no side windows. Capacity – 42 cu. ft, 4 cwt. Body colour Light Green. Price was £325 0s 0d (£325.00p) in Primer. Painting or reverse was an extra £5 0s 0d (£5.00p).

Bond 250G Estate

The first Mark G Saloon version was produced in June 1962. The roof style was the same as the Ranger but with side windows. Rear seats could either be laid flat or removed to increase load carrying capacity. Price £394 12s 6d (£394.63p). Reverse was £6 1s 3d (£6.06p) extra. The last Mk G minicar was Estate exported to Greece, produced on December 3rd, 1966.

Bond 250G Tourer

In a bid to stem declining sales, a 2-seat economy version of the Minicar was introduced in October 1964, the Bond 250 G Tourer. It used the same body shield as the Saloon version, but didn’t have roof. Other features included larger rear deck incorporating an opening boot lid, a folding hood, new fibreglass bonnet, plain door panels, no chrome side trim and non-opening quarter lights. Hood colour was Grey. Price was £388 4s 7d (£388.23p) and £394 5s 5d (£394.27p) with reverse.

Bond Minicar Mark G videos

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