iStream eQuadricycle

GMD iStream eQuadricycle

Gordon Murray Design, led by McLaren F1 creator Gordon Murray, has shown that the potential of its iStream Superlight technology hasn’t been depleted yet and unveiled its new iteration. Rhe presentation took place during the Cenex-LCV event at Millbrook Proving Ground, showing both the previously announced prototype of the urban drone Motiv and a sample of the iStream platform.

According to GMD, the iStream Superlight platform is “Formula 1 technology on the road.” It consists of a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and carbon composite panels. With iStream, the average family car can be made 20 percent lighter and the strength of the body panels can be raised by almost half. The platform is highly transformable and can be used on electric city ATVs like the Motiv, mid-engined supercars and even large gasoline-powered SUVs.

The iStream eQuadricycle platform shown on the Cenex-LCV is the same size as the Motiv platform. With a length of 2.5 meters, the iStream eQuadricycle weighs 400 kilograms, but most of this mass is created by the batteries that power the electric propulsion system. The battery capacity is enough for 225 kilometers, and charging from 10 to 80 percent takes only 40 minutes. It is possible that the updated iStream is already used on the Motiv electric car.

iStream eQuadricycle

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