Home built roadster from Siberia

This tiny home-made car was made in Siberia. It was created in 1971. According to the author, the biggest difficulties were getting materials.

The required metal, rivets and materials necessary for welding were not sold to individuals. To register a home-made car, it was necessary to confirm the legality of the materials that were used, that is, to have all the checks and present them.

The engine was taking from Zaporozhets, because there were restrictions on the engine for homemade products. It was impossible to use an engine with a volume of more than 1200 cc. The engine is installed at the rear, the transmission is connected to the rear wheels. The car has an independent suspension in front and the trunk was also located in the front of the car.

The car was built in an ordinary garage. It took about 5 years to build it. Then the home-made microcar was used for at least 15 years.

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