The single-seat sports electric car ‘Minisol’ was created in Zelenograd, Russia, by a group of enthusiasts led by engineer A.V. Knokh. The surface of its body is lined with solar (photovoltaic) modules with a rated power of 125 W made by the Krasnodar enterprise ‘Saturn’.

During parking and while driving solar energy is used to recharge six nickel-cadmium (alkaline) batteries with a capacity of 30 A/h and a voltage of 72 V. There were made by the Lugansk Battery Plant.

The body of ‘Minisola’ is a spatial frame of thin-walled pipes sheathed with sheets of duralumin. The car is equipped with hydraulic brakes on the front wheels and a mechanical brake on the rear wheels.

‘Minisol’ successfully participated in the 1991 Tour de Sol international rally of solar cars in Switzerland and domestic environmental runs of the early and mid-90s.

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