Lazareth 'Amphibious' Moke

Lazareth ‘Amphibious’ Moke

The Mini Moke is usually can be found on a beach, but soon you’ll see it on the water. Lazareth company known for its fast and conspicuous motorcycles, took the small off-road vehicle and made amphibious out of it.

The lazareth MOKE ‘amphibie’ all aluminum vehicle features a small 400 cc euro-four engine capable of driving the cult-classic car up to 90 km/h (55 mph). Within just a few seconds it can drive into oceans or lakes and set sail, where a propeller will drive the mini MOKE through water at 7 knots (8 mph).

Thanks to its 4-wheel drive and its aluminum body, the Moke Lazareth is agile on all terrains! Its special mode allows to pass from the road to water mode in a few seconds. A propeller limited to 6ch ensures the propulsion and allows the amphibious Moke to move at 7 knots.

Lazareth ‘Amphibious’ Moke photos

Lazareth ‘Amphibious’ Moke video

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