Minauto ECO / GT / Cross

The subsidiary of the French group Aixam-Mega Ibérica in Spain developed its own model called Minauto in 2009 to respond to the insistent demand for a vehicle without a more economic license. The launch price was lower than € 8,000.00. However, Minauto does not forget the comfort of its occupants since its interior is worthy of the high range in this type of vehicle.

The Minauto is a modern vehicle designed for those who need to move safely. Actually, Minauto microcars are the rebadged AIXAM models. The new Minauto brings together all the good knowledge of the Aixam-Mega group, Kubota engine, aluminum chassis, soundproofing, and reliability. Minauto, like the other brands of the Aixam-Mega group, also respects the emission regulations.

The 400 cc Kubota diesel rated at 4 kW (5.4 hp) at 3200 rpm is designed to provide easy and inexpensive driving: fuel consumption is only 2.96 liters per 100 km! Top speed — 45 kph.

Minauto cars interior has well-designed dashboard, driver’s sun visor, laminated windshield, a trunk with a capacity of 700 liters and many other features.

Minauto ECO

The ECO is the base model in the range of Minauto microcars. It is available only in white color. The model is equal to the AIXAM City. After the first model revealed in 2011, Minauto presented the refreshed model in 2015. In 2017, the price of the Minauto ECO is just 6,460 €.

Minauto GT

The GT is based on the ECO but featured additional luxury options. It has 3rd LED stop signal, electric windows, sun visors, cap holder on the passenger’s side, tinted windows. In 2015, the model was refreshed. Its price in 2017 is 7,000 €.

Minauto Cross

The third version is the Cross. It is the rebadget AIXAM Crossline. It has a longer 2000 mm wheelbase and 1100 liters volume trunk. It is equipped with the same 400 cc Kubota diesel. The price in 2017 is 7.700 €). In 2015, the exterior design was refreshed. The Cross is available in White, Grey, Red and Black colors.

Minauto brochure

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