Opel Rocks e-xtreme

Opel Rocks E-Xtreme Concept

Opel has summed up the results of the Rocks-e Design Hack design hackathon and has chosen the winning project based on the tiny Rocks-e electric car. Its author, Lukas Wentzhoefer, depicted a quadricycle in the form of an extreme buggy. The jury liked it so much that Opel will build a running prototype – but only in one copy. The electric car will receive increased ground clearance, an extended track and an external roll cage.

The electric car will receive a front suspension on double wishbones, wheels with “toothy” rubber exposed outside the body, as well as an external roll cage and a solid-looking rear wing. According to the author, the original Rocks-e allows you to be mobile and enjoy driving, so in the concept these qualities are simply taken to the extreme.

But in general, Rocks-e is a clone of Citroen Ami. The power of its electric motor is 6 kilowatts (8 hp), the maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour. A battery with a capacity of 5.5 kilowatt-hours provides the EV with a power reserve of up to 75 km on the WLTP cycle. Since both the Ami and the Rocks-e are classified as Light Passenger ATVs (L6e-BP), they do not require a driver’s license to drive. The French can drive from the age of 14, residents of other European countries – from 16.

In June 2023, Opel built the real copy of the Rocks e-xtreme Concept. The main feature of the buggy was the spoiler from the racing Vectra GTS V8 DTM mounted on the external safety cage.

In addition, the electric car has a front suspension on double wishbones, wheels with “chiseled” rubber exposed outside the body and a 3D-printed Opel Vizor panel with new LED sections and a turquoise lightning logo.

Another 3D-printed detail is the wings. This is not an empty fad, but a good opportunity to reduce the weight and facilitate the work of the tiny electric motor.

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