Scion NYC Concept

Scion NYC Concept

Toyota’s American design studio has published photos of some previously unknown projects. One of them is the 2012 Scion NYC concept car.

In the early 2000s, Toyota launched the Scion brand for the American market, aimed at young buyers. Most of the models of this brand were renamed Toyota models, and one of the original cars could have been a compact hatchback Scion NYC. But it didn’t – Toyota didn’t even dare to show this project at the exhibition.

The concept car Scion NYC was created as a car for narrow streets of American megacities (hence the name: NYC – New York City). The car received an unusual layout, in which the driver and passengers were placed almost vertically – in a semi-standing position. Because of this, the roof of the hatchback turned out to be very high. Low hood and headlights sticking out like a frog’s eyes completed the image.

In general, the concept turned out to be very original. Too original. Toyota sent the project to the archive, forgetting about it for ten years. And only now the Japanese decided to declassify Scion NYC. By the way, the Scion brand itself has long ceased to exist.

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