WSK Meduza

WSK Meduza

Simultaneously with the creation of the Mikrus MR 300 microcar in 1957, an alternative body was developed for it, which was mounted on the Mikrus chassis, and the car built in this way was called “Meduza”.

The designer of this body was Edward Kłeczek, also an employee of the Communication Equipment Factory in Mielec. This body differed from the Mikrus in appearance by a more streamlined shape and access to the trunk (which in fact … was not there!) through a hole in the front wall covered with an imitation of a radiator grille.

The body has been adapted to carry four people, on two individual seats in the front and a rear bench. All-wheel suspension was independent and consisted of coil-spring wishbones and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The drive was provided by a rear-mounted, two-stroke, 2-cylinder in-line Mi10 engine with a displacement of 296 cc, which reached a maximum power of 14.5 hp at 5100 rpm and a torque of 19.6 Nm at 3500 rpm. The engine power was transferred to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual gearbox.

However, the car was not qualified for mass production.

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