Wulling Mini EV Cabrio

Wuling Mini EV Cabrio Concept

Wuling Motors will unveil its first electric convertible based on the Hongguang Mini EV at the Shanghai Auto Show (April 19-28). This is not a concept, but a pre-production prototype.

The modification differs from the standard Mini EV by using a folding soft top instead of a standard roof. The Cabrio also has a different headlight filling, bumpers and doors are decorated with strips, while the size of the wheels with the new rims seems to be more than 12 inches. A-pillars are “overwhelmed” more than usual.

While the Mini EV only offers digital instrument panel (monochrome or full color), the Cabrio has two 10-inch displays. The air conditioner is replaced by a climate control with sensor control. The two-spoke multifunction steering wheel is simply repainted. Ventilation deflectors of a new shape are spaced apart in the corners. The seats have also changed and the design of the door cards.

The commercial Cabrio may appear in the fall. The Chinese media write that an electric motor with a capacity of 20 kW (27 hp, 85 N•m) will be transferred to a convertible without changes. The same applies to batteries with a capacity of 9.3 kWh (120 km) and 13.9 kWh (170 km). The dimensions will be very close to the Mini EV: 2917 × 1493 × 1621 mm, wheelbase – 1940.

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