Yamaha Ami

Yamaha Ami

We live in an era when almost every car feels too serious. Nissan and Mazda want to be a BMW, and city crossovers “dress up” in an off-road body kit so you think they’re 4x4s. This cute Yamaha Ami stands among them – a real gift for humanity: it is the only factory built car to laugh at itself.

In fact, Yamaha Ami is a Daihatsu Opti key-car equipped with a 660 cc engine, and gives out 55 horsepower. But this tiny Daihatsu after improvements from Yamaha YM_Mobilemates has become something incredibly cool: a cute, cartoon version of the Ferrari F40, with a wing high enough for you to use it as a real table.

The Daihatsu Opti was heavily modified to make the Ami; the doors and front fenders remained the same, but the roof arched like a swollen packet of milk, and the brand-new rear end got some fake air intakes to hint at the mid-engine arrangement like the F40. Of course, the engine located in front. The set of four round taillights imitates Ferrari without shame, creating an unmistakable look.

Yamaha had planned to build 600 of Ami kei-cars, but made only three. Now they are extremely rare.

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