Dwarf Volkswagen Beetle

Someone shortened Volkswagen Beetle and it looks like a cartoon car

This dwarf Volkswagen Beetle lives in Qatar, and it is absolutely real, despite its cartoon look.  It was found on the territory of one of the Qatari racing clubs. Looking at the front or rear of this cute car you can think that it is normal. But, it is worth looking at the side view, as you understand that a piece has disappeared somewhere from its middle.

Of course, the shortened Volkswagen Beetle got some changes in design. It is known that the engine remained in the same place where it should be – in the back. But the driver uses the rear seat. Roof and doors had to be shortened.

Dwarf Volkswagen Beetle

In other words, this car is not for fat people but not only because there is too little space inside. Mostly because the doors are very narrow. The car has lost some weight. That should be better for his weak engine.

The current owner of the car says that he bought it already in this form via eBay. At first, he laughed, then decided to buy.


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