Honda Acty Fire Truck

Look At The Tiny Honda Acty Fire Truck Which Has Been Just Imported To The USA

This adorable little firefighter was recently imported to the USA. This is a 1995 Honda Acty, customs clearance has become completely legal, since the car is already over 25 years old. The new owner paid $8,550 for the fire kei-car.

Apparently, Honda Acty used to serve in the fire department of Japan. The mileage of the car is only 15 thousand kilometers. It has become possible to import Acty only recently, and its registration has not been completed yet.

So, before the sale, the sensors, pump and water tank were removed from Acty. A pedestal for equipment, sirens, lights, a public address system and a rubber hose were remained. In addition to the two seats in the cab, the platform has an additional bench for the fire brigade.

Honda Acty of the second generation was equipped with 500 and 600 cc engines, which were located under the cargo platform. They were combined with a four- and five-speed manual transmission, or 3-speed automatic. Traction was transmitted to the front or both axles. Firefighter Acty from the article is equipped with a manual all-wheel drive transmission and a 656cc engine.

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