ACOMA Mini Comtesse Type 770

ACOMA Comtesse Type 770

In 1977, ACOMA presented an improved version of successful but dangerous Mini Comtesse Type 730E. The new 3-wheeler was named Comtesse Type 770. It was fitted with a 2-stroke 1-cylinder 48cc Motobecane engine (the same engine was used on a 4-wheel Comtesse Break Type 790) rated at 3 horsepower and all-wheels hydraulic brakes.

Its amusing Dalek-like shape fiberglass body once again accommodated a single driver. The steering wheel was on the right, what saved a place to carry a child. The company also made few copies of a very rare Electric-Comtesse. Production was ceased in 1980. ACOMA Comtesse Type 770 became the last 3-wheeler made by this company. All future models had 4-wheels.

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