Arola Type 18

The new 4-wheel Arola Type 18 was introduced in 1981. It is somewhat larger and has an even more squarish shape than its predecessors. A radical change was although invisible: the absence of a metal chassis. A polyester platform completed with a framework made of aluminum profiles on which the polyester elements of the bodywork are assembled.

It had different engine options also: BCB, Motobécane or Peugeot in 50cm3 and BCB in 125cm3 with for the latter a speed of 65km/h. The S version brought some improvements such as a clock. Dimensions: 2.00 m x1.25 m. Weight: 190kg.

All were designed mainly for ease of operation, comfort, and safety, and not to be stylish. The transmission was simplicity itself – a stick, pushed forward for forward motion and pulled backwards for reverse.

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