Concordia Urbis Supercargo

Concordia Urbis Supercargo

Moscow-based Concordia has unveiled a prototype of a closed-cab electric truck based on the Urbis golf cart.

The Urbis Supercargo differs from the golf cart in its all-season performance. The closed cab has an independent 1 kW ceramic heater, while the electric motor is cooled by the air flow. The cabin frame is made of welded aluminum, the rest is made of glass. The doors are also lightweight with a large area of safety glass. They are hinged at the rear, which is more convenient for quick entry/exit than the front hinge.

The design of the chassis is based on that of the Urbis electric car: the front double wishbone suspension is of our own design, and the rear axle is spring-mounted, with the electric motor and transmission suspended from it. With a 165 Ah battery (12 kW*h) and 7.5 kW engine power (supply voltage – 72 volts), Urbis Cargo can travel up to 120 km on a single charge (without cargo). The payload is 700 kg, but this seems to be an over-optimistic value, taking into account the ratio of kerb weight to power and the reduction ratio.

It is interesting that the traction battery is made in Russia, by the factory called “Energy”, which makes lithium-iron-phosphate cells (though so far from Chinese raw materials). The drivetrain is Chinese, but there is already a decision to switch to entirely domestic components (they are, unfortunately, more expensive than foreign).

According to Concordia CEO Alexei Mikheev, the new vehicle is intended to replace Chinese electric trucks such as Voltus LP41B C4 on the Russian market, which is sold in small quantities (30-50 units per year), but has a stable demand. The price of the Urbis Cargo is competitive – 1,950,000 rubles or about $25,000.

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