Losenok home-built car

Losenok («Лосёнок»)

This home-made car can be called one of the most original ever built on the components of ‘Zaporozhets’. It was created many years ago by craftsman Ivan Los and was named “Losenok” (‘Moose’). The car with a minivan type body resembles the legendary Fiat 600 Multipla, which was presented in 1956.

Although the design of the minivan is much more angular. The headlights and the windshield resemble RAF-2203. The “Losenok” borrowed an air-cooled engine and gearbox from ‘Zaporozhets’.

Enter and exit to the second row of seats occurs through small sliding doors located from both sides. However, the most interesting is the access to the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. To make it easier, you need to not only slide the left or right door, but also fold the windshield forward.

Today, the unique home built microcar is carefully stored in a private collection in Ukraine.


In the spring of 2020, the unique minivan ‘Losenok’ based on the ZAZ car was photographed in Dnipro, Ukraine. The car will become an exhibit of a car exhibition at the local Time Machine automobile museums.

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