Suzuki Waku SPO

Suzuki Waku SPO

Suzuki has built an unusual concept car Waku SPO, which has a transformable body. At the same time, this car can be both a coupe and a station wagon. Externally, the car refers to the 60-70s, when square urban compact cars were popular in Japan. One of the exterior features is the rear-view mirrors located at the front fenders. True JDM style.

In the original version, the car is a two-door coupe with two more “half-doors” located in the rear and open against the direction of travel. If the owner needs more space in the back, or if there is a need to carry goods, the car can be turned into a station wagon. To do this, a curved glass panel is installed behind the rear pillars, which increases the trunk, and also allows you to move the second row of seats back.

The interior is also made in a rather minimalist style: it is decorated in a coffee-gray color scheme, while only a few switches are located on the center console. There are three touchscreen displays on the dashboard. However, they can be covered with a wooden panel so that only a “tidy” information screen remain visible. Suzuki believes that the possibility of such a transformation makes Waku SPO attractive for both young people and for an older audience.

There is no detailed information about the technical equipment of the concept car. Suzuki said that it is equipped with a rechargeable hybrid powertrain with an all-wheel drive chassis.

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