The American escaped from a police chase on Smart to another state. But he was still caught

Arizona resident tried to hide from the police on his first-generation Smart Fortwo. He managed to break away the chase and cross the state border, but almost immediately caught by the local police.

Police prosecution began in a supermarket parking lot when one of the sellers suspected a man of theft. Arriving at the scene, the police found the suspect in the parking lot. After a short debate, the driver got into his Smart and tried to hide.

In addition to driving at red traffic lights, the scorcher managed to go around several police tapes with spikes. But even in spite of excellent driving skills, other road users were constantly overtaking on the Smart Fortwo track. That’s because the maximum speed of a miniature car is 135 kilometers per hour. In this connection, the police decided not to endanger other drivers and stopped the pursuit.

However, after he entered another state, the local police already knew about the pursuit and began a second chase. Thanks to their SUVs, the police were able to quickly catch up with the Smart Fortwo and push it to the sidelines. As a result of the chase, no one was hurt, and the Smart driver was arrested.

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