Home-built Volkswagen Beetle from India

A mechanic from India assembled a Volkswagen Beetle from photographs

Rakesh Babu, a resident of Chertal, India, assembled his own classic Volkswagen Beetle from the trash found in his father’s workshop. And he never saw the original Beetle.

His home-built “Beetle” is based on a steel frame. The engine is borrowed from a Suzuki Samurai motorcycle, and the wheels are from a rickshaw. Due to the lack of necessary components and money, Babu himself assembled the reverse gear for the gearbox and the engine starting system. The car body was made by checking photos of the original model.


This microcar is able to reach 40 kilometers per hour and consumes 3.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Due to the current restrictions on the operation of home-made cars, Babu cannot go on regular roads, but really wants to get to some kind of exhibition.

It took him half a year to construct the car. Babu is sure that if he worked full day, he would be able to meet three months.

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