Fiat 500 Lego

Fiat 500 made of 960 Lego bricks (and you can buy it online!)

What’s more fun than a Fiat 500 and what’s more fun than Lego? Indeed. The combination of the two. Especially in a nice large format it ensures that you are busy with it for several evenings. The idea of ​​the plastic brick manufacturer from Denmark is not new.

It is of course a scale model. To get an idea of ​​the size, the length is 24 centimeters. The width is 11 centimeters, as is the height. In short, a perfect ornament for your desk. Then you have to make sure that you have everything adjusted to the color, because the Fiat 500 from Lego is only available in soft yellow.

You must also ensure that you have enough time available. The kit consists of 960 Lego bricks. But it is pay for work, because the result is very beautiful and recognizable. For example, the Lego Fiat 500 has an interior with red inner “upholstery” and a steering wheel. The dashboard is as bare as the real 500. The front trunk opens and even houses a spare wheel.

But you not only get a few evenings of time and a yellow Fiat 500. The box also contains various accessories that make the Lego Fiat 500 even more fun than it already is. There is an easel (with Colosseum), as well as a travel case that can be placed on the back. If you want to buy this box of Lego for “your little cousin”, you can order it online on the Lego website. The price is very sturdy with 84.99 euros.

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