2021 XEV Yoyo IAA Munich

XEV Shows Off The Battery Replacement Program For Its 3D Printed Car

XEV has introduced its own Yoyo city car battery replacement program. The Chinese manufacturer XEV came to the IAA World Auto Show in Munich to show how buyers in Europe can change batteries in a city car. The company plans to partner with ENI to launch a battery replacement station.

The battery replacement complex was presented for its own city car XEV Yoyo, the length of which is only 2 meters. It uses a 10.3 kWh battery. The manufacturer claims that this reserve will be enough to overcome 150 km.

XEV announced at the show that it plans to install chargers at ENI service stations across Europe so that users can easily change batteries when needed.

This is an important step for the development of electric vehicles. Nowadays, the time it takes to recharge the batteries is one of the most important factors. The Yoyo car itself is completely 3D printed microcar. The cost starts from 13,900 euros.

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